Kreissparkasse Köln
(Cologne Savings Bank)

Neumarkt 18-24
50667 Köln, Germany

Commercial Register / VAT-Idenitifcation Number:
Amtsgericht Köln HRA 15033
VAT-Idenitifcation Number according § 27a UStG: DE122786759

Financial Supervisory Authorities
regulatory authority which is responsible for permission:
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Graurheindorfer Straße 108, 53117 Bonn, and
Marie-Curie-Straße 24-28, 60439 Frankfurt am Main

regulatory authority which is responsible for consumer protection:
Europäische Zentralbank
Sonnemannstraße 20, 60314 Frankfurt am Main,
Europäische Zentralbank, 60640 Frankfurt am Main

The arbitration board of the savings banks in North Rhine-Westphalia can be contacted for arbitration of disagreements with the Sparkasse savings bank. Detailed regulations are stipuated in the code of procedure Verfahrensordnung für die Beilegung von Meinungsverschiedenheiten zwischen Sparkassen und ihren Kunden im Bereich der Sparkassen- und Giroverbände in Nordrhein-Westfalen which can be made available on request.
Complaints must be made in writing to Schlichtungsstelle der Sparkassen in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kirchfeldstraße 60, 40217 Düsseldorf.
The Kreissparkasse Köln takes part.

Online Dispute Resolution
The site  has been set up by the EU to help unsatisfied customers. You can use it to make a complaint about a good or service you bought over the internet and find a neutral third party ("dispute resolution body") to handle the dispute.

Contact Kreissparkasse Köln
Telephone: 49 (0) 221 227-01
Telefax: 49 (0) 221 227-3920

Board of Directors
Alexander Wüerst (Chairman)
Josef Hastrich (Deputy Chairman)
Christian Bonnen, Wolfgang Schmitz,
Dr. Klaus Tiedeken, Udo Buschmann, 
Jutta Weidenfeller (deputy member)

Chairman of the administrative board
Michael Kreuzberg

Direct contact Käthe Kollwitz Museum Köln
Telephone:  49 (0) 221 227-2899/-2602
Telefax: 49 (0) 221 227-3762

Responsible for the contents:
Hannelore Fischer
Museum management

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Alexandra von dem Knesebeck

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Juliane von Akerman
Hannelore Fischer
Katja Lambert
Elke Lindhorst

Content Management
Katharina Koselleck
Christian Nitz

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James Hofmaier
Dr. Richard Hooton

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